What Every Police Officer & Firefighter Should
Know After Being Injured In The Line-of-duty.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Any police officer or firefighter injured in the line-of-duty is entitled to benefits under the Public Employee’s Disability Act. In addition to PEDA, any Illinois police officer or firefighter is also entitled to the benefits provided by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Those benefits include choice of treating doctors, payment of medical bills, vocational rehabilitation and monies for permanent disability. (Read More…)

Dual Rate Provision

The dual rate provision of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act allows the wages earned from a second or third job to be considered in determining an injured worker’s average weekly wage, thereby increasing the amount of weekly disability payments the injured worker receives and any potential settlement or award.

The dual rate provision applies to a firefighter or police officer whether they were injured in the line of duty or injured while working their second job. (Read More…)

Lump Sum Settlements

In the event a firefighter or police officer is unable to return to work as a result of injuries sustained in the line of duty, the firefighter may also be entitled to a lump sum settlement in addition to receiving disability pension. (Read More…)

Third Party Accidents

Under Illinois law, if an employee is injured due to the negligence of another party, they may be entitled to recover additional monetary damages in what is known as a Third Party Case. (Read More…)

Firefighters Protection Amendment to the Illinois Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Diseases Act. (FPA)

On May 24, 2007, the Illinois Legislature passed an amendment (which became effective January 1, 2008) to the Illinois Workers= Compensation Act and Occupational Diseases Act making it easier for firefighters, paramedics and EMTS, to receive benefits for specific injuries or illnesses under these two acts. (Read More…)

Public Employees Disability Act

The Public Employee=s Disability Act or PEDA was established to provide certain public employees with duty disability benefits which go above and beyond existing pension and workers= compensation benefits. (Read More…)

Illinois Pension Code – Firefighter/ Police Officer Disability Pension

Under the Illinois Pension Code, any firefighter and/or police officer who, as the result of sickness, accident or injury incurred in or resulting from the performance their job duties, is permanently disabled, physically or mentally, from performing their duties as a firefighter, shall be entitled to receive a disability pension. (Read More…)

Occupation Disease Disability Pension Code

The General Assembly finds that service in a police department that also has firefighting duties requires officers to perform unusual tasks in times of stress and danger; that officers are subject to exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold in certain seasons while performing their duties; that they are required to work in the midst of and are subject to heavy smoke fumes and carcinogenic, poisonous, toxic, or chemical gases from fires; and that these conditions exist and arise out of or in the course of employment. (Read More…)

Illinois Public Safety Employees Benefit Act (PSEBA)

Under PSEBA, an employer who employs, full time, a police officer, firefighter or other certain public employees who sustain a catastrophic injury or is killed in the line-of-duty, must pay that employee’s health insurance premiums and those his family. Premiums for dependents must be paid until the child turns 18 or the end of the calendar year for which the child turns 25 if the he or she is dependent on support or attending school on a part time or full time basis and is dependent on support. (Read More…)